Vichy (France)

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Art historian
Jean LEYMARIE was born in Gagnac in Lot 17 July 1919, into a peasant family, he continued studying literature at Toulouse and Paris. After the war, he began a career in museums. It will be the curator of the MUSEUM of GRENOBLE from 1950 to 1955, director of the National MUSEUM OF MODERN ART 1968 to 1973 and director of the Académie de France in Rome from 1977 to 1984 where he succeeded painter Balthus. He taught extensively in Swiss universities of Lausanne and Geneva and published many books on the history of art. It will remain as one of those who have imposed the painting of the 20th century in the French national museums.
During the last war, most of the treasures of the LOUVRE Museum (including the Mona Lisa ...) were put into security at Vayrac Bétaille and castles Treyne and Montal. Here was René HUYGHE, curator of the Louvre; having met by a happy combination of circumstances Jean LEYMARIE who offered to participate in the care of these works of art. At the same time, he was the professor of Greek of the daughter of the novelist André Chamson, curator of the museum of VERSAILLES installed him in La Treyne. Paris being liberated, Jean LEYMARIE leads back to LOUVRE treasures he had helped to save, where he was appointed assistant. A 31-year entrusted to him the direction of the Museum of Grenoble until 1955. Called to lead the National Museum MODERN ART Paris at the Palais de Tokyo, he prepares his transfer to POMPIDOU then in project. Upon opening this one, he was appointed director of studies at the School of  the LOUVRE. Finally, in 1978 he was appointed Director of the ACADEMIE de FRANCE in Rome. At its head, with which it maintains close ties and to which he devotes a nice book (Ed. Skira). He remained there until his retirement in 1984. But he continues well beyond to work to share his sensitive vision of painting, related artists, he said, taught him to see.


Director Drouant-David Gallery
Faubourg Saint-Honoré

Armand DROUANT is Director of the Journal "Artistic Information" and of  the GALLERY DROUANT-DAVID in  Faubourg Saint-Honore Paris. Gallery created in 1942 with the financial support of Emmanuel DAVID businessman, notarial training  who became his partner. Armand DROUANT the eldest of the group and connoisseur of the art world, having edited books related to the position of merchants, that of the artists and their originality, their technique, gives the initial impulse to the Young Gallery DROUANT-DAVID, which  quickly acquired worldwide fame. The inauguration took place the same year in November with a retrospective of a great painter forgotten Maria BLANCHARD (Link). This was the beginning of continuous exhibitions from year to year.

 CARZOU (Link) in 1943,  is taken care by the Gallery created a year earlier. Is a painter seeking basic colors and graphics innovations. Integrity and lack of docility make him leave the gallery in 1945. In 1944 David, meets the young  BUFFET 19 year old who painted large trees along rivers and roads, traditional style; influence CARZOU *2 (Link)  is evident. Home, 27 rue des Plantes in Paris, in this memorable evening of 29 October 1976 CARZOU real name Karnik Zouloumian tells the story to YATRIDES and friends, Christian GALI with MIGLIETTI. YATRIDES is in contract with Samuel-E. JOHNSON since 1956 and appears helped by life, CARZOU not really knowing, in 1977, a year after, it would be Member of the Academy; he designs and draws his own sword.

Bernard BUFFET pays tribute to David: "I have known in 1945, just at the end of the war. He had a gallery of paintings 52, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. It was a very active dealer and he gave me the desire to do this job. I really learned everything through Emmanuel DAVID. I owe him my situation ".  Signed Bernard BUFFET (Link.

Armand DROUANT merchant respectful of talent it helps to make know. YATRIDES the meeting in 1954 in his property in Villefranche sur Mer. A friendship is formed between the two men. In its Massouri property, it predicted "a career out of the ordinary" and asks a series of paintings, "which will mark the beginning".  YATRIDES carries them at the Galerie du Faubourg Saint Honoré. Meanwhile Armand DROUANT returning from his property in southern France, YATRIDES  met Emmanuel DAVID. It wants YATRIDES does not use its graphics, groove etched in the thickness of the matter; Argument: the favorite of the gallery has a trait that is a bulge stencilled, trait that articulates an angular design. This is Bernard BUFFET. DAVID, presents YATRIDES, in an aside, painters who "remain obscure but whose painting technique is available". Of course YATRIDES not expected DROUANT and left the gallery.