from 08 to November 22, 1981

YATRIDÈS Grand Prix of the city of Montmorency, France


Galerie du Théâtre, Place neuve - Geneva

Tryptic the battle of Jacob with the Angel for the Keneseth
see the triptych

After the extraordinary success of the work, Yatridès will exhibit at Geneva : article by Claude Bandieri

the applicant

Constitution of a foundation GY

Director France-Great Britain Centre,
Delegate of the Franco-Britsh Chamber of Commerce

Yatridès, stingy of his time and his freedom of expression, does not accept this prestigious offer

At that time she wrote her memoirs, Mrs. Vidler-Dulles is particularly interested in the arts and letters. This love of art is very rooted in me. Paris and Oxford, I organized recitals for François Landowski. Grenoble meeting the painter Georges Yatridès, Mrs. Vidler-Dulles decided to promote his painting, well beyond our borders. For her it was a revelation: Yatridès realized where was the world today. Life is not an end but a sequel. Dauphiné Libéré January 16, 1985
Significant sales

Gweneth Vidler-Dulles M.B.E.

Cordial between mediator
the France and Great Britain
Director of the Foundation France - Great Britain
the British Chamber of Commerce Franco. Distinction
British M.B.E. (Member British Empire). Sales management
preeminent private collections, works
the master Yatridès.
Preeminent private collections
Large private Collections acquired from Yatridès


Background analysis and report on the work of Georges Yatridès by the French State

Yatridès is in the tradition of the great masters. It is located by the quality:
the Summit and by the message proclaimed: ahead of pictorial creation of our time
It will count the number of those who have made the French Culture:
Jean-Claude Cavaillé Inspector General


This belief may be summarized as follows:

Georges Yatridès is in the tradition of the great masters. It is located by its quality: at the top, with the proclaimed message: forwards, pictorial creation of our time.
This quality results the requirement that has led him to refuse to integrate into the mercantile circuit of painting. (...). Fifty years his talent is recognized in the narrow circle of specialists, on the eve of the public consecration.

It would appear so derisory, and contrary to the public interest, the administration persists to arbitrarily reconstruct income to lead a recall of thousands of francs of rights, while doing this, it would run the risk of compromising the creative activity and perhaps even the life of an artist whose everything leads to think that it will count the number of those who have made the French culture.
Jean-claude Cavaillé Inspector General.


Exhibition of Sacred Art - Crypts of Sacré-Coeur (Paris)