ARTHUR CONTE historian

in its January 1, 1983
a paragraph located Yatridès.
He wrote his biography in 1992, see below
President of the Assembly of the Western European Union
Minister under the Presidency of Georges Pompidou
CEO of TV channels initials French

Of all his genius Georges Yatridès renders us
the art of the great masters: line and light... stunning graphics
impeccable invoice, serious inspiration: Arthur Conte


Director of the Fondation France-Britain and
the British Chamber of Commerce Franco
mail sent to Christie's

CHRISTIE's London 22.03.83 - Georges Yatridès

Paint the other side acquisition of Gweneth Vidler-Dulles

Sale record £45,864

Correlative press for sale in London


Richard H. Michelin the Michelin Guide
lets out the acquisition that he wanted


"The new rolls"
for the benefit of the myopathic children of Poland.  Paris December 12, 1983

Record sale 120,000 Euros
Lion's club 1984

JACQUES CHARPENTIER Grand French composer

Prelude for the elsewhere based Yatridès canvas
"The new rolls"
Excerpt from the original manuscript

Articles about Poland

Autour Yatridès canvas,
Gérard singer Lenormand,
Gweneth Vidler-Dulles Franco British
Chamber of Commerce
Alice Sapritch actress
Jacques Charpentier composer,
Georges Yatridès
Revealing shock is for today already ranked among the classics Yatridès is going to be recognized by his contemporaries at the age of 50, the force of Art for a painter.
Blandine Thibault

(...) Yatridès is pacing in his Grenoble stronghold. (...) The success that comes to win, once more, this great name of contemporary painting, it exalts and strained him.
It is the first time in France for sixty years as an array and in addition a work, has been sold at auction for as much. Rosemary BOE
1 December 1983
Article sur la vente d'une huile de Yatridès pour le Noel des enfants Polonais 

13th SALON DE MONTMORENCY - 13 on nov 27, 1983

Yatridès guest of honour

Catalog (18 pages) is dedicated to him
Great Event dedicated a retrospective of his works.
Friendly homage to Georges Arnone for its quality action.
Edition by Ia City Montmorency a prestigious monographic catalog
34 pages.


Zürich 1982/83

SALES auction Me Blache December 1983