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Yatridès went to Warsaw at the invitation of Lech Walesa and the Polish authorities and assisted in allocating the funds. The subsequent dispatch of more than 600 tons of medical supplies, toys and fruit for children suffering from muscular dystrophy, was organised by the Lyon's club, the Rotary Club and Jacques Dechavanne collector. Since the donation was connected with art it was accepted by communist Poland, even though the merchandise came originally from the United States.

ARTS MAGAZINE No. 702 1984 - Salon Comparaisons

MAISONS and CASTLES Magazine ISSN oct 27, 1984

Text of Alexandre Bourmeyster Semiotician and
Jean-Michel Reillier Director of mansions and castles
French-English translation
The formal perfection of these surfaces seem to be made for
defy time. They reveal to have grain of the fabric layers
material handled masterfully in a game of opacity and transparency
. The figurative character of the design ensures consistency
internal of a set where each area is a composition
abstract, far from representing a purely decorative contribution,
to increase the perception of open space
A. Bourmeyster and j.-m. Reillier

City of GRENOBLE magazine, feature article

Virgil Tanase - May 1984

1984 2nd YATRIDÈS-Poland travel

Agence France-Presse global dissemination

Polish press


token of gratitude
on sale / Yatridès work
for the benefit of the Poland

METALLOGRAMS - Metal icons of Yatridès

Louis Pauwels Director of Figaro magazine did change the text:

in fact it was metallograms
rather than paints oils to opportunities
more complex techniques of his art
Let me tell you the value I bring to your work so remarkable. This commendation statement will not prevent Yatridès refuse binding media resulting

METALLOGRAMS - Metal icons of Yatridès

New solo exhibition in France
Condamine 38700 Corenc

04 to December 19, 1984
Study Jacques Mantello - designer of the metallograms
The works of Yatridès from metal icons

Tables Yatridès flights

MAYER Directory International 1984

Sale record $ 63,400


Jeune Chambre économique de Grenoble
Tribute to Yatridès for his decisive help

AUBUSSON tapestries

AUBUSSON tapestries. Chantal Cornet works to convince Yatridès to accept the study of a series of tapestries in AUBUSSON. One of the first will be
This fantastic on a horizon of revelation, against which human body fragile and pathetic, think back a new world that the artist announces in prodigious strokes.
Yatridès was not fully persuaded to the point of interrupting his work.