Commander of the order of the star of Europe

Great price of Prestige European 1989
Knight of the order of Malta

Due to your humanitarian donations, your scientific and pictorial remarkable work : 
His Serene Highness, Pierre Percy Pasleau de Charnay

(PIERRE, Percy, Denis, Joseph, Ghislain, PASLEAU de CHARNAY )

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Georges Yatridès will not honor his presence at the ceremonies of knighthood

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Deputy Mayor for Culture of the City of Montmorency since 1974, Georges ARNONE  is the creator of MONTMORENCY SALONS until 1995, with the participation the greatest names of painting in the world,
including those relating Yatrides, XIth, XIIIth and XVIIIth Salons where he was the Guest of Honor;  exhibitions that enliven cultural life full of historical facts throughout the history of the Lords and Dukes of Montmorency. This great family of the French nobility died in 1878. Passionate about history, Georges ARNONE founded the Montmorency Historical Society and was the main project manager of famous commemorations whose sumptuous 500th anniversary of the Birth of the Constable Anne de Montmorency. He has organized 2 times the International Symposium on Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 

Montmorency influence did attribute its name to many places in the world.
In the United States, Montmorency County is located in the Great Lakes region, precisely in the state of Michigan
In Australia, a city also is named in the suburbs of Melbourne, the second urban center.
In Canada :
Montmorency Park National Historic Site located in Quebec City.
Lake Montmorency (La Côte-de-Beaupré)
The Montmorency River, a tributary of the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, follows the Montmorency Falls, the highest in Quebec, located near the mouth of the river

Montmorency forest in the "Réserve faunique des Laurentides"
Montmorency, a former municipality now part of Quebec City
Montmorency is the name given to a variety of cherry, family of "Amarelles".


Lettre de claude ARNONE épouse de Georges ARNONE (Link)   créateur du XVIII éme Salon de Montmorency.
Sa lettre à  Georges YATRIDES, lettre qui relate le discours de René HUYGUE.


Guest of honour 1978 and 1983

René Huyghe

Rene HUYGHE (Arras, May 3, 1906 - Paris, February 5, 1997) was a French writer. He was curator of the LOUVRE Museum, psychologist and philosopher of art, professor at the College de France and of the French Academy. He studied philosophy and aesthetics at the Sorbonne University and the Ecole du Louvre.

CURATOR of LOUVRE. Professor at the École du Louvre at thirty-one years, having been in 1930 Assistant Curator of Paintings at the Louvre, he founded and directed magazines “Love of Art and Quadrige. It is one of the first to make films on art, including a "Rubens" award winning the Venice Biennale and founded the International Federation of Films on Art. During World War II, in conjunction with Jacques JAUJARD, assisted by Jean LEYMARIE, he organized the evacuation of paintings from the Louvre museum in the unoccupied zone and their protection until the Liberation. At the same time, it is part of the resistance in the General Staff  of Veny groups. In 1950 he was elected to the College de France and holds the Chair of Psychology of the plastic arts. In 1966, he received the European Erasmus prize in The Hague. He defines himself as a psychologist and philosopher of art. In 1974 he was appointed Director of the Musée André Jacquemart and publishes The Changing of the real. At that time dates his first meeting with the Japanese philosopher Daisaku Ikeda.

He chairs the International Commission of UNESCO experts for the preservation of Venice and the Arts Council of Museums of France. He is the father of the writer François-Bernard Huyghe

 He was elected to the French Academy, June 2, 1960, in the chair number 5 of Robert Kemp.

Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour
Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit
Commander of the Order of Leopold (Belgium) 

FRANCO-BRITISH Chamber of Commerce 1989

Record prices for works by Yatridès scale:
3.680.000 Swiss francs (3,960,000 US $ = €2.980.000)


WHO's WHO In International Art dictionary

Major position of Yatridès's work:

Patrick Barrer, Director

WHO's WHO In International Art 1989

This standpoint of the market regarding your work
has become more and more rare for a living artist and place your work
in a privileged situation: signed Patrick Barrer, Director

Article in the Dauphiné Libéré on sales records and its major position

Who's Who Yatridès among the elect.
Anti Picasso
Yatridès known reluctance to speak about him (...) is integrated in the Lair of the saints to the world cultural, dance, film, literary and pictorial: Who's Who in international Art which devotes 16 pages and notes that Kubrick for his 2001 film adopted the work of Yatridès the Adolescent and child (1963), which has sold 13,000,000 FRS. Véronique Julliard 27.12.1988 - DL n ° 13710
The European Ministerial and parliamentary (SEIMP) Information Service that brings together such writers Léopold Senghor, such policies Raymond Barre, Simone Wiel and artists such as Pierre Dux of the Comédie Française, Yehudi Menuhin and composer Olivier Messian. This European Service, works hand in hand with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) Véronique Julliard 11.01.1989 DL n ° 13723

in a privileged situation: signed Patrick Barrer, Director

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the star of Europe
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