ARTHUR CONTE writer historian

Author of YATRIDÈS time master biography 276 pages.
President of the Assembly of the Union of Western Europe (1961-1963)
Minister President of the French original TV channels
the républicain lorrain
Artist Yatridès of engineering,
Master of time: Arthur Conte

Yatridès master of time:

Arthur Conte historian

ISBN 2-9507049-0-5
Filing legal March 1992
Engraved in UGS a Lyon
Printed on the Presses FOT in Lyon for the Editions light and space

(274 pages - 82 color reproductions)
Distributed by the company FNAC (Fédération Nationale AC.)
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ARTHUR CONTE - Minister, famous historian
His biographical work Yatridès master of time

Press the 26 November 1992 Dauphine press le Parisien 23 May 1993
A. Conte presents his book
ARTHUR CONTE testimony