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"Painter's utter and pure individuality" S.E JOHNSON

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René Huyghe Curator of the LOUVRE Museum, member of the French Academy, at the opening of the eighteenth Salon in Montmorency France he said :  "George ARNONE observed and defined the contraction of time, this light in the work of  YATRIDES.  Jean LEYMARIE was interested in this new adventure of painting. I note that the content and form are linked by an unparalleled technique, another graphic mode which lends itself to a synthesis of Painting. There is something else, that should be deepened ".  René Huyghe Academician Curator of the Museum of Le LOUVRE, Psychologist and Philosopher of art, author of numerous books, including 'Forms and Strengths' and especially 'Dialogue with the visible' masterful opening to the knowledge of the works of art, including those of painting. 

Georges ARNONE
Organizer of the Montmorency Salons

Note: The esteem between René HUYGHE and Jean LEYMARIE had asserted itself in the years 1940-1944 during which Leymarie had been able to save important works of art from the LOUVRE, from the hands of the German occupier; Jean Leymarie was later Curator of the Museum of Grenoble from 1950 to 1955, during which he was interested in the work of YATRIDES. The ties of friendship between René HUYGUE and GeorgresARNONE, the director of the most important international art events in Montmorency, had been formed during the events where they had intervened with the same passion for art until the early 90s

Jean Leymarie (17 July 1919- March 9, 2006)
Georges Arnone (23 December 1936-  July 14, 2003)


" Georges Yatrides is the apotheosis of a Master in terms of artistry and his technique evokes the virtuosity of ERNST, DALI and CHAGALL. His body of work is ethereal, not only aesthetically, but in his innate ability to  harness the metaphysical aspects of our nature ".    

   Miles MILLAR Writer
Producer of cinema and television in the USA


aux Salons de Montmorency de 1987 à 1993

" Artiste de génie, infatigable chercheur qui a su faire la synthèse de connaissances inconciliables déterminant la sienne propre, au service du talent qui le distingue"

 Artist of genius, tireless researcher who knew how to synthesize irreconcilable knowledges determining his own, at the service to the talent that distinguishes him "


president A.N.L.A.M 
Nationale Lettre Arts Musique


"...Alchimiste visionnaire, qui marque de son empreinte l'aube du IIIéme millenaire... et l'isole parmi les plus grands qu'il guidera"

 "... Visionary alchemist, which left its mark on the dawn of the third millennium, and isolates among the greatest that he will guide"

Extract from the catalogue of the Biennials
"Le peintre hors du tumulte"



" YATRIDES veut. Et que veut-il ? Il veut l'aventure de l'homme. Dans chaque toile il entend enfermer tout  le temps.  Il quittera l'école abstraite en 1950, à la recherche de l'homme qui ne peut y apparaître. L'homme merveille de précision, concentration de surpuissance au sens le plus nietzschéen du terme, le Deinos de Sophocle. Après ses travaux personnels aboutis au CEA sur sa découverte de nouvelles propriétés de la lumière dans l'espace, Clifford W. BOHER avait déclaré que YATRIDES n'était pas que savant. Mais alors quoi? Tout ce que je sais du moins, c'est que tout est là de l'indéfinissable, de l'insaisissable aventure humaine". 

"YATRIDES wants. And what does he wants ? He wants the adventure of man. In every canvas he intends to lock up all the time. He left abstract school in 1950, in search of the man who can not appear there. The man of precision, concentration of overpower in the most Nietzschean sense of the term, the Deinos of Sophocles. After his personal work s at the CEA on his discovery of new properties of light in space, Clifford W. BOHER declared that YATRIDES was not only a scientist. But then what? All I know at least is that everything is there of the indefinable, the elusive human adventure". .

Arthur CONTE author of "YATRIDÈS
Master of time"  274 pages 1992, biography

"This is the first biography ever devoted his lifetime to a great among the greats".  Arthur CONTE (1992). Writer and French Historian, author of several historical books. Minister of information, Managing Director of the French TVchannels, President of the Assembly of the Union of Western Europe (1961-1963)


" YATRIDES has found unlimited horizons for his artistic expression. The dominant factor which characterizes the art of Georges YATRIDES is the painter's utter and pure induviduality. At this point where some of the most highly touted artistic names are now falling in prestige, having an ever more limited subject scope, Yatridès searches and finds within himself even more varied and ever broadened artistic horizons. His position is strong and steadily growing stronger. The significance of Georges Yatridès is evident ".

                                                                                    Samuel E. JOHNSON Director 
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