His periods

When he abandons the abstract school and those which preceded it, impressionism and fauvism, YATRIDES will have yielded enough paintings, allowing him to isolate itself to create, without depending on whoever, of which financial become merchants of art. His plan is to go beyond the stage where the human body has become a decorative object invented by MATISSE. Interesting process in the beginning but which leads progressively to the decorative absurdities, to the divinization of the object, taken from an available directory of utensils which ends up being found on the wallpaper of cheap tapestries or plastified on different materials  " in an infernal round of imbecility and bewilderment where the masses of gullible people are pushed "(sic Einstein) Yatridès will master the line, graphic source of all sciences, including the creation of volumes without the help of any shadow and release the light so far dedicated to confronting obstacles to reveal them.
His path, he could only engage in it by refusing the groups and collectives and retrench, isolate himself to become totally independent.

Discover the source of the intrinsic light, space and  time reality. Solitary in the universe he creates, world without referent in the known world, in which the man nevertheless appears, and sometimes YATRIDES himself, without using the "curtains" of surrealism. He transposes in his painting what he could discover in his personal researches in fundamental physics completed in the laboratories with their staff, put at his disposal by Paul PERROUD Director of the Special Applications Offices of Physics at CEA, but also this that he could not resolve, as to the intrinsic origin of the light, avoiding the nonsense of the alleged "big bang" according to the whim of Einstein in 1912 and who, by sticking his tongue out to express his contempt for the tabloids. Even so, "big bang" was taken seriously. Einstein's conclusion: Two things have no limits: human stupidity and the infinity. Concening the infinity I am not sure " (EINSTEIN). 
When we rise above, we seem small to those who do not know how to fly,  " until disappearing of their understanding " (YATRIDES)

Extract from  "Holometachronic" T  (Trademark)

 "Fauvist" (1945-1948)   Examples

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